Joviality and G.K. Chesterton


G.K. Chesterton.  Where to begin?

I suspect he had an insatiable curiosity and child-like wonder as big as his belly and a sense of humor that outran itself so often that he had to restrain it with paradox.  In fact, his wit was so quick, he gave up trying to catch it.

Thankfully, he was a wholly sweet-tempered and virtuous man, so his wit wasn’t used to belittle.

And though he had an irrepressible sense of wonder and innocence that rivaled a child’s, he was more grown-up than the most of us when it came to understanding the world.  There was not an ounce of pretension in that hulking figure of his, either.  Not an ounce.

I am going to give him a big hug when I meet him one day.

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