The Trinity and Loneliness



I just ran across this wonderful interview with Peter J. Leithart, an American author, theologian, and blogger with First Things.  The interview examines the relationship between loneliness, mental healthtechnology, and the modern obsession with autonomy and self-creation.  You can read it here:  “The Soul-Shattering Sting of Loneliness”.

Dr. Leithart discusses the importance of the Trinity in understanding our own need for fellowship.  As someone who treasures my alone-time, it’s a good reminder that I need people, too.  Here is an excerpt:

Interviewer:  What does the inter-trinitarian relation of God say to us about the importance of fellowship and joy — of true flourishing as a being?

Leithart:  The reason we’re created as social or relational beings is that we are created in the image of a God who is an eternal fellowship of Persons. The life of God is a life of continuous love, fellowship, communion, a continuous round of conversation and intimate communication. That’s the God who made us, and he made us to resemble him. We live fully human lives only when we live in communion with God and with other human beings.

This is is a must read.

Also, Leithart recently published a book on the subject of the Trinity that looks fascinating:  Traces of the Trinity: Signs of God in Creation and Human Experience 

From the back cover:  “Traces of the Trinity appear in myriad ways in everyday life, from our relations with the world and our relationships with others to sexuality, time, language, music, ethics, and logic. In this evocative book, Peter Leithart explores the pattern of mutual indwelling that characterizes the creation at every level. This small book with a big idea–the Trinity as the Christian theory of everything–changes the way we view and think about the world and places demands on the way we live together in community.”

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