The Romantic and the Rationalist, Meeting CSL and GKC – Christian Imagination, Week 2

Here is a wonderful blog post from Jake Meador at “Notes From A Small Place” on the relationship between Chesterton and Lewis. Enjoy!

Notes from a Small Place

In the spring or summer of 1931, a young Oxford don at Magdalen College named C.S. Lewis picked up a book called The Everlasting Man. It was a brief work written by a Victorian journalist named Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Though he didn’t know it at the time, by the end of that year Lewis would be a Christian. And the book he was beginning on that day would have a great deal to do with it. In it, Lewis would meet a mind that looked strikingly like the C.S. Lewis of Narnia and Screwtape. And yet at the time, it was a mind utterly foreign to the young don. The rest of our time this week will be taken up with answering two questions: First, what was the state of Lewis’ mind and heart as he came to Chesterton? Second, what was the nature of the imagination that Lewis met…

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