Roger Scruton on God

Roger-Scruton_232043k (1)

Philosopher Roger Scruton at his farm in Oxfordshire.

“Typically for Scruton, he tries to avoid abstract philosophical argumentation and insists instead that God’s presence in the world is revealed through attention to the intimate inter-subjectivity of true human communion, or, as he puts it: ‘God is understood not through metaphysical speculations concerning the ground of being, but through communion with our fellow humans.’ The intimacy of this is captured through the image of ‘the Face’—of the other person and of God, with both of whom we should be profoundly engaged if we are to realise our fullest humanity. The rootlessness, alienation and depersonalisation of modern life prevent us from recognising this imperative and make it so easy to deny God.

Modern atheism therefore involves not just the rejection of some metaphysical claims; it involves a flight from a genuine encounter with the human and divine and the responsibility and judgment that this entails. The price paid is metaphysical aloneness: ‘God is … avoidable only by creating a void. This void opens before us when we destroy the face—not the human face only, but also the face of the world. The godless void is what confronts us.’ Scruton believes ours is a culture ‘in full flight from the sacred,’ in which we rage against our self-inflicted fate but refuse to confront our own responsibility for our predicament. Consequently, in the modern mind:

‘desecration becomes a kind of moral necessity—something that must be constantly performed, and performed collectively, in order to destroy the things that stand in judgment over us.'”

Read more here:  “The Philosophy of Roger Scruton” by Mervyn Bendle at The Imaginative Conservative

And, here is Scruton with “Why Beauty Matters”.

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